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Jacqueline in touch with spirit...

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Flower in her hair

Posted on February 19, 2014 at 6:18 AM
Hello dear readers, thank you to those visiting my blog site and I really do appreciate the comments that you leave me. I hope to post more on here this year as requested. The interest that has been shown on the subject of mediumship from all parts of the globe has made me realize the need for me to share my experiences on here. So I will do so with Honesty and much love. Thank you to those that give me permission to share, it means a lot to me.

It also has come to my attention the need to understand the process that happens between myself and the spirit world as a reading is in progress. I can say that it baffles me at times and I never take it for granted !

I can never tell exactly what will happen or even if it will happen but when it goes right it is a magic process. Look at it from an open vision or a sceptic vision the choice is yours. Do you want to believe ? I certainly do ! The spirit world will try as hard as they can to let you know they are there. I have had the proof !!

Sometimes in a reading some evidence may not get placed. I have learnt not to get ruffled and will explain at the time "this may not be for you our visitor may be for the next client, the timing may be out " as was the case in a reading today. It is not a cop out, it is the truth. I have no control but it doesn't mean it isn't valid, as I hope this snippet will show.

I had a lovely young girl come today and we were validating messages from her grandmothers from both sides of the family and a young friend who had tragically passed in a car accident when suddenly we went of track. Information was coming through about her wearing a flower in her hair. The puzzled expression coming back at me told me it wasn't being placed for now. I have to thank the patience my clients have with me as we tried to sort it out but in this instance we didn't. I finished the read and as she left I asked her to let me know if the flower bit gets resolved.

Half an hour later my next client showed up and low and behold ......... she had a flower in her hair !!
In this instance her mother had come in too early. Frustrating ? No. It just happens. Like a crossed line on a phone.

So you see, I share with you these incredible and unbelievable moments to let you into the world of spirit. As much as we try there will be errors in timing so please be understanding that this is an amazing process and wonderful act of  orchestrating that spirit world try to align for us. We all do our best and it is an intimate act that is special beyond words.

Be patient when you go for a reading and all I ask is that you do your best (if you are a sceptic ) to allow for errors.

Thank you to all the people that I meet and I am truly grateful for the respect you show me when I read for you. Your love for me helps to expand the information that is able to come through.

Blessed be, may love and happiness prevail in your life and thank you for reading these words.  

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