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Jacqueline in touch with spirit...

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coming soon

Posted on December 5, 2012 at 6:20 AM Comments comments (380)
Look for my end of year blog coming soon.........

Value yourself

Posted on June 5, 2012 at 12:52 AM Comments comments (277)
Hi all, it is wonderful to find some time to sit and update my blog site. One reason to actually welcome the wind and the rain. Every cloud has a silver lining! There is nothing like being cosy and warm inside whilst the elements are raging at their best outside, Brrr!!!
The metaphor of that statement can only remind me of meditation and the importance of it as life. Our outside world whirls crazily by making us feel helpless and afraid and when we go within as in meditation the silence and peace that greets us gives us the sense of being safe and warm inside
Living in the Dandenongs is a blessing. We are so lucky to look out over the spectacular rolling valley that stretches out towards the Warburton ranges. From our window i can enjoy watching the Kookaburras resting on the now empty branches of the chestnut tree, the Alpacas munching greedily on the hillside paddocks, and the mist that swirls and hangs through the trees looking every bit like spectres from a haunted mansion.
There is nothing like nature to remind us that something greater than ourselves is going on.
So dear friend's just take some time through your busy day to reflect on that that makes you feel good. Life should be your friend and not an endurance test of your capabilities. Strength of character is rejuvenated through quiet reflection and it is the only item that does not require payment. Therefore there is no excuse to not apply this for yourself today.
My work as a medium continues on and sometimes it can weigh heavily. With the hype today on the modern medium with tv and unrealistic shows it is becoming extremely hard as we try to better ourselves into becoming that unrealistic being and we can wear ourselves out in the process of giving more proof of survival than is necessary. Without proper care and attention  for our wellbeing we can become drained and even sick.
Many good mediums can drop by the wayside because of this.
I would love to quote this passage that i found in an old book. The Author is Rev.G. Maurice Elliot and the book is, When Prophets Spoke.
And if it be said that our mediums today seldom show exceptional radiance in their faces, we may well ask how often, if ever, we give our mediums the opportunity of preparing themselves to contact the higher spirit guides, or of remaining for a time in their presence.
Do we not keep them hard at work hour after hour, day after day,week after week, without giving them the opportunity for such preparation? We treat them as machines rather than the delicate instruments they are, and they give us the best they can, under the circumstances, which is more than we deserve.
Makes us think eh.
So let all us mediums remember the spiritual sides of ourselves, step back in time, when the spiritual side of life was more valued than the worldly aspect of man today. Let it be said.
May your day be filled with wonder and your hearts with promise. Love and Light, Jackie.

casper the ghost

Posted on March 13, 2012 at 12:45 AM Comments comments (114)
Hi everyone, i want to share with you my sadness at losing my friend at the weekend. She battled hard against the cancer and was as positive as any person can be, wore colurful wigs when the chemo made her hair fall out and cracked jokes with us all up till the end.
How familiar is this story and i know there will be many of you that have experienced the same feeling as i am having right now.
Nothing changes because i am a medium although i do know that my friend will be ok on the other side and will be jumping up and down trying to get my attention to relay messages to the family, bless her.(least i hope she will)
I am lucky to have many friends that are mediums so i guess that is an advantage for me to be able to heal and have the right closure that is needed.
I also know she will be in attendance at her very own funeral and that we had better make it right !!!
Every day i meet people that have lost a dear one so i alway's have a constant reminder of the pain of seperation. Some say how awful that must be for mediums but because of the messages from the other side it does give me the belief that we never really leave anyone and the body is just the space suit that anchors us in the physical realm.
Learn to embrace each other at all times, even when it is hard to do so. Forgive and move on in life with courage and don't leave loose ends with the people you love. Tell them that you love them. (even if they don't want to hear it!)
Remember also that you are human and it takes time to grieve and that it is ok to grieve. We are not machines and the fast pace of todays living is consuming our lives, taking our time away from family and friends. Don't let that take control over your life.
Meditation is a good tool to centre yourself and create a sense of well being.
So love to all of you out there and here is a cute message that i have been given permission to share.
A lovely lady came to me for a reading and it was all bobbing along nicely with bits and pieces coming in and suddenly i felt the energy shift and a lady (we will call her sandra ) came in. It was a mother in law. She was sewing (quite ordinary information i thought ) until... i got the image of a ghost !!! How do i put this i thought to myself. (not wanting to appear insane )
Did Sandra make a white cloak or something resembling that i asked??? " "No" came the reply. "Well" i said "Sandra is showing me Casper the ghost ???" "Oh, i know what that is" came the reply. "Sandra made all the kid's costumes and a white ghost one just like Casper !"
This lovely mother in law made lot's of costumes for the theatre also and i thought she was very clever bringing that to my attention and i am glad i didn't chicken out !!!
See what spirit can do to prove they are around. I think it is lovely.
Please keep the questions coming if it takes a while for me to respond i am not being rude i will get back to you but i may be a little busy meditating !!! and not running myself ragged!!!! haha, i have to practise what i preach !!
Take care everyone xxxx best of love Jackie.

The Rose

Posted on February 13, 2012 at 8:42 PM Comments comments (32)
Hi everyone, i'm back !!!! The start of the year has been crazy and i have had little time to catch up on here.
A big thank you to those reading my blog and remember don't be shy, leave a message and i will get back to you.
Several people have asked if i would do a question and answer page on anything from hauntings, (love the spooky stuff) meditation, how to become a reader, healing, self protection from unwanted visitors from spirit world and anything else that may be bothering you, So whatever topic it may be fire away and hopefully our spirit guides will provide us with the insights.
Our Expo in Cranbourne was a wonderful event so many thanks to those who came along to support us. Ian and Paula do such a good job managing everything for us and we really appreciate the effort that goes in. It is not easy!!
I met many wonderful people that day and i really enjoyed myself.
So look out for the dates for the next one which i will post on my events page.
Anyone interested in the psychic supper in the Launching place Hotel please message me and i can pass on the details to you. The last one was a great night and the food is superb. I really must remember not to eat quite so much this time !!
So if you have a group of friends interested please use the contacts page to book.
Our mediumship night in Emerald is now back in full swing with all the dates booked for the year so again i invite you to join me and Chris Sheppard for a wonderful night. You will be warmly welcomed.
So i would like to say i can feel a very exciting and eventful year for everyone. Challenges popping up from all sides and the energy  pushing us forward, ready or not, here it comes. No resistance, go with the flow (got to laugh spelt that wrong first as in Floe! Think someones trying to come through hehe.)
Spirit world can be very cheeky and now i will probably have sparked the interest of anyone who has an Aunt Floe !!!!!!
Remember the connection of loved ones can never be broken and as i write this on Valentines day i can feel all the love of the husbands, wives, boyfriends and girlfriends coming through. It is a time of deep feeling and may the symbol of love, the Rose, be given and recieved by all those missing their loved ones today.
With love, blessings and hope, Jackie. xx

new dates coming soon..........

Posted on December 12, 2011 at 2:06 AM Comments comments (121)
Hi all, due to the hectic pace of December my updates are lagging behind!!! All the new dates for next year will be appearing soon.
A big thank you to Rebecca who hosted the Olinda night for us and we will miss our evenings there next year :(
Please go along to the centre for a wonderful facial or massage.
Emerald will be kicking off in Feb, so watch this space for more details and come along to see us.
If i don't get on to my blog before December 25th, please have a wonderful, happy and safe christmas and new year. Thank you to everyone who supported us including our spirit guides and spirit family.
Please feel free to contact me through the holiday period if you have any questions.
With love and good grace, Jackie.
ps, thank you to everyone for sending me well wishes and Christmas cards, i really appreciate your love and encouragement.
pps, i am really sorry for not making it to the Phoenix for the Christmas break up (unforseen circumstances ) :( but i hear it was a really good day for all xxxxxxxxx

Gummie Bears

Posted on November 3, 2011 at 2:58 AM Comments comments (24)
Hello and Welcome, what a busy month it has been ! Here we are in November already and i can feel the energy bursting it's way towards Christmas !Our October evening of clairvoyance at the Emerald Gemco was another splendid evening with lot's of good messages coming through. If you have not visited us there yet please come along for our November meeting. (check calendar for details)
 We alway's have lot's of fun (yes i did say fun) spirit love to play with us and keep us light hearted. There are alway's some tears of course but everyone understands and the tissue box is ever ready. we are all in the same boat when it comes to losing someone we love.
A timely message can work wonders for the soul and encourage you to go forward. It is wonderful to see strangers coming together and supporting each other and becoming almost like a spiritual family.
There is no script for this job that we do; we take it on faith that your family and friends will make it through and honestly sometimes it can be very daunting for us. To stand in front of an audience can make our hearts race and our emotions run high as we endeavour to do our utmost best. There is no ego, just love and total trust. For us, it is hard when perhaps a piece of evidence just isn't placed; but we learn to carry on and then someone approaches us and say's "hey, i get that now that information was correct" That never fails to amaze me.
I had one such incidence over what i call my Gummie bear incident. I was giving a reading and i kept getting over and over " say about the gummie bears " not one to argue i accomadated spirit. The poor lady shook her head. Ok, i didn't want to tell her that she was wrong. But over and over the message persisted "The gummie bears!!" After i finished the reading i asked again. No. Oh well i gave it up as one of those day's.  After the meeting another lady that i had read for came up to me and said "I bought a packet of gummie bears" At last, i thought and thanked her for the validation her love one had been with her when she bought the lollies. This is a common reaction that can occur; so i ask for you to remember and just hold whatever it is you cannot place from a medium. The aha moment usually happens and please don't feel bad about it.
Anyway, thank you for reading my blog... i hope it has given you some understanding of the process...... and thank you everyone that has tuned into my website. I am happy to say there has been a lot of visitors to my site and it is very encouraging.
Look out for new pictures coming to the gallery, they are very exciting and were taken on our Halloween gathering. I can say they are real as we felt them there. My daughter was particularly freaked out as the orb hovered over her head!!!!!!!
Thank's once more and please come back, love and light as my best friend Carol used to say .
My point for this is

Riding in heaven

Posted on October 3, 2011 at 11:11 PM Comments comments (81)
Hello everyone, today is such a beautiful day, the sun is shining and spring is well on it's way. It is time for renewal, fresh awakening's and insight's, i wish you great times ahead. Go for happiness, it's right there for you, right now ! Allow yourself to be happy !! That's all it takes.
Our Emerald venue was another fantastic night with people coming together and sharing in each other's stories in life. Thank you to the lovely lady that validated the strange message that had come through from her Nan in spirit the day before.
We both sat puzzled as i spoke about her Nan riding her mum's horse. She shook her head in disbelief..... "No, nan never rode in her life" "Oh, well i must have got it wrong then" but Nan continued on about riding her daughter's horse. We both just laughed.
The next evening at Emerald the lady approached me. "Guess what? Nan was right " She went on to tell me that her mum's horse passed away that evening.
It was sad about the horse but at least there was some comfort in the fact that nan had known what was coming and it was her way of telling her daughter and grandaughter that she was looking after the horse.
Our loved one's keep on coming with new's for us it is amazing how much they help from the other side.
So, i would like to encourage all those in doubt, who wonder about who is looking after their son, daughter, dad or pet after they have passed, just know, they have been welcomed by the other side and that they WILL be OK.
We just know.
So again thank you (you know who you are!) for letting me share that.
May love be in your heart's and peace enter your mind's.
Thank's for reading my blog, until next time.... god bless.

welcome to my blog

Posted on September 20, 2011 at 12:33 AM Comments comments (44)
Hi everyone, and welcome to my new blog page. I would like to share this page with you and all our spirit friends.
It is my great fortune to be able to work with the spirit world and be able to reconnect you to your loved ones.
I feel inspired to recall some of the wonderful messages that have been relayed to some of my clients (of course real names not included !) and the wonderful proof of survival that it provides.
I know, beyond doubt that the spirit world exists and that we never really lose our loved ones just because we can no longer see them. The sadness and confusion we experience when someone dies is immense and where do we turn to for answers?
Some people turn to us, the mediums, in the hope of finding out where their loved ones are.
Many a time i have been asked "is my mum ok?" "Is my son cold and lonely?" "Did dad suffer ?"  It is my job as the medium to give proof, to give closure and comfort.
It takes great trust on my side to give my best and hopefully the answers that people need.
There is also the happy side when a loved one brings through their name and that they have seen the new grandson that was born last March. Then how can we doubt?
Let me recount the amount of times that people have shared their spooky stories with me. Seeing Grandad at the bottom of the bed, Hearing a knock on the door and no one there, feeling the other side of the bed drop when a husband or wife is no longer here to sleep next to them, the smell of mum's favourite perfume, just when you feel at your lowest point.
Take heart and remember, you are never alone in this world and that spirit will always be by your side spurring you on in your life.
Never give up, never berate yourself, never regret a moment and never say never.
Great love to you all and may life bestow great blessings upon you.
Oh and i almost forgot, our next venue is at Emerald (Check out date and times ect on my events calendar ) Hope to see you there, come along, you may get a visit from your loved one.