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Jacqueline in touch with spirit...

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Spirit will not wait

Posted on September 25, 2020 at 1:06 AM Comments comments (6586)
Hi all 
I have succumbed to Zoom, messenger and face time reading. 
Maybe for some it is isn't as great as a one on one session but I now think it is time to get back to it in the only way possible that we have right now. 

Yes, zoom can be a pain in some ways but it has it's benefits too. 
Like reading world wide for one. Distance hold's  no problem but of course you have to speak English !

Many of us need some comfort right now with all the sadness that is going on. 

I cannot imagine what it would be like not being able to be at a loved ones funeral because of the restrictions. But so many are going through this right now. It is devastating. 

Please know that distance can never be a barrier when you carry love in your heart.

For those that have passed alone in nursing homes, hospital or even alone at home; know that they were not alone. Loved ones from the spirit side would be by their sides. Small comfort for you perhaps but I feel grateful in that knowledge. It is a comfort of sorts.

And for all of us struggling with window visits, face time and zoom chats to parents in nursing homes just remember it too shall pass and we will have done our best.
As my mum said "just seeing your faces put's a smile on mine"

Let's hope this Pandemic disappears real soon.

Until then, I will put my best foot forward with the challenges of technology and do my best to connect the two worlds together.

I have done a few of these and miraculously they still work.

As in distance healing the energies find their way !

God bless and love to all.

If you are on my waiting list I will be in touch soon to see if it is an option for you.