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Jacqueline in touch with spirit...

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feeling hopeful

Posted on July 11, 2020 at 3:37 AM Comments comments (158)
love and light to all
How is everyone doing?
It is such a shame that i am still unable to do one on one reads but i am hoping things change real soon.
I know many of you are missing the afternoons of mediumship at Beaconsfield and all the church services. We will be back !!!
I am considering doing phone or zoom readings in the near future if we aren't cleared from lockdown soon.

If you have any questions or any topics you would like to share on here i will do my best to answer!

Any weird ghostly experiences? Any psychic experiences ?
Feel like spirit is trying to contact you? 

I am finding the energy very different as we go through the changes are you? But i feel the changes are taking us to new levels. I trust in the guides and our loved ones on the other side. 

Just because the world seems to have lost the plot lets make sure we dont.
Meditation is a great tool for self healing and raising your vibration. No excuses as i am sure many of you have lots of time on your hands.

Do not underestimate the power of meditation.

wishing you happiness