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Jacqueline in touch with spirit...

Hello and Welcome...

I am a medium clairvoyant and and have been practising for many years now. I was born in the U.K and migrated to Australia in the 80's.

The spirit world opened up to me when I was very young, and has persisted with me om my life's journey encouraging me to share my gift with humanity.

I have studied intensively and with great fascination everything that spirit has passed my way. I do not doubt and I do not question, I am here to act as a channel and a helper for those that are feeling lost, lonely and need encouragement on their own path.

What I do: Medium / Clairvoyant -Tarot Readings, Palmistry, Psychometry, photo readings, public demonstrations for various spiritualist churches, including the victorian spiritualist church of Melbourne. Private and public readings. Spiritual healing - Reiki, Theta healing, Chiron (psychic surgery), Space clearing, I also run a psychic development group and training in mediumship.

Do not hesitate to contact me as spirit has guided you to my web page. 0431851140

May good grace follow you, love Jackie